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New SwitchBot Curtain 3 just announced

SwitchBot just announced the all new SwitchBot Curtain 3. The company behind retrofit smart home products such as the SwitchBot Bot, SwitchBot Lock, or the SwitchBot Curtain, just announced a new 3rd generation of their smart curtain bots, the and improved SwitchBot Curtain 3.

SwitchBot Curtain 2 issues

The SwitchBot Curtain 2 was already a good product but wasn’t perfect. Many users complained about the noise of the Curtain 2. The noise wasn’t terrible but it was definitely noticeable.
Then there was the load the bot can handle. It was rated for curtains of up to 8kg in weight. It was not enough for many users as they had curtains heavier than that.
Also, users were not happy with the battery life of the previous gen. The Curtain 2 is rated for up to 8 months of battery life, and in my review testing, the battery life was excellent. Still, I can also understand that if you have heavy curtains, the battery life will be much shorter than that.

Everything new with the SwitchBot Curtain 3

SwitchBot improved on all three issues of previous Curtain 2 and then improved some more.

The first improvement will be the installation process. SwitchBot improved the buttons that connect the hooks to the main body, making it even easier to install. Improvements to an already easy installation are always welcome.

Next is the improvements made in the noise department. The new SwitchBot Curtain 3 will feature QuietDrive™ technology, and the noise level will be within 25dB when activated. This is a vast improvement in noise levels compared to Curtain 2, which had a noise level of just below 50 dB. The curtains will also move at a constant 5mm/s speed for a nice and smooth opening and closing experience.

SwitchBot also upgraded the motor, which can now push curtains of up to 16kg in weight. This is twice as much as the Curtain 2, so users with heavy curtains should now have a much better experience.

The battery life will also receive an upgrade thanks to the new solar panels for the Curtain 3. The previous gen also had optional solar panels available. But they required a light level of 6 or more to work effectively.
The new Curtain 3 solar panels support low-light charging, which means they will require less sunlight to generate power. They will also work on cloudy and rainy days.
The new solar panel will store energy generated from low light within the solar panel itself until it reaches a sufficient amount to provide a charge for the Curtain 3.

Compatibility & Features

The new SwitchBot Curtain 3 will come in the Rod and U-Rail track versions. You can check the compatibility here.
It will also support Matter, thanks to the SwitchBot Hub 2. The new Curtain 3 will also support all the features from the previous Curtain 2, such as the Touch&Go, Light Sensing, or time and temperature-based automations.

I am very excited about the new SwitchBot Curtain 3 as I use the Curtain 2 myself, and I can’t wait to try this new and upgraded version.

The price will be 89.99 USD which is 10 USD less than the previous version for a single pack.
You can sign up for a notification directly from SwitchBot here. You can check out other SwitchBot products here.


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