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SwitchBot just announced the SwitchBot Lock Pro smart retrofit door lock

SwitchBot just announced a new smart retrofit door lock with Matter support for US UK and EU door locks.
While this is not the first smart retrofit door-lock from SwitchBot, the new Lock Pro is an upgraded model from the previous SwitchBot Lock.

The new lock will cost 119 USD (139 GBP/139 EUR). You can also choose a bundle with the SwitchBot Hub Mini with Matter. Or the bundle with the additional keypad and Hub Mini.
If you opt for the latest bundle with the keypad, you can also unlock the door using pin codes, NFC tags, and fingerprint unlock. If you want Apple HomeKey support sadly the Lock Pro does not support HomeKey.


  • SwitchBot Lock Pro – $119.99 (£139.99 GBP/€139.99)
  • SwitchBot Lock Pro + Hub Mini with Matter $149.99 (£139.99/€159.99)
  • SwitchBot Lock Pro + Hub Mini with Matter + KeyPad – $199.99 (£139.99/€239.99)

Thanks to Matter, the lock will support all the major smart home platforms, such as Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, and Smart Things. SwitchBot also, for the first time, shows HomeAssistnat support on their product page, which is nice to see. 

The Lock Pro works over Bluetooth. If you purchase the standalone Lock Pro, you must have an existing SwitchBot Hub Mini or the Hub 2. The Hub will add Wi-Fi support to the lock so you can lock and unlock your door while you are away. 
If you already own the Hub 2 with Matter then the Lock Pro will also support Matter.

Quick Key allows you to lock and unlcok your door with a single button press. Credit: SwitchBot

The Lock Pro offers multiple mounting plates and adaptors right in the box and, this time uses screws to mount over your existing door lock rather than 3M tape. 
The Lock Pro will support most US and European door locks such as the Euro Profile, UK Oval or the Swiss Round Cylinder.
You can check the compatibility with US deadbolt locks here for UK and EU locks click here. The installation instructions are here for US and here for UK and EU.

The Lock Pro will also feature a Quick Key lock and unlock. This will allow you to lock and unlock your door from the inside with a single press of a button on the lock itself. 

Four AA batteries can provide power for up to 9 months, or you can opt for the rechargeable dual power pack, which can last up to 12 months on batteries. The rechargeable dual power pack will be sold separately. Thanks to the magnetic battery cover, the batteries are also easily replaceable. 

Other features include: 

  • Auto Lock
  • Real-time notifications
  • Support for up to 100 fingerprints 
  • One time passcodes

Currently, the Lock Pro is on a prelaunch offer, which allows you to get it with a discount for $89.99 (£99.99/€99.99). The discount is available for all three bundles.
You can check the new SwitchBot Lock Pro here.

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