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SwitchBot’s new Hub 2 now with Matter support

SwitchBot made its name by making tiny smart home products, more notably the SwitchBot Bot, the button-pressing robot. Since then, it has expanded its product line with an entire ecosystem of products. Now SwitchBot brings a new Hub 2 with Matter support.

Matter is the new communication standard for smart home products that enable cross-platform compatibility regardless of which smart home ecosystem you have. SwitchBot is also joining to support Matter for its products as more brands start to support this new standard.

SwitchBot announced the new Hub 2 at CES 2023 to bring Matter support to its product line. The SwitchBot Curtain will be the first product to receive Matter in late February when the Hub 2 officially launches.
The new Hub 2 will be a Wi-Fi hub with mesh Bluetooth support for SwitchBot products. It will also retain the IR functionality from the Hub Mini, enabling support for all kinds of IR devices.

4 in 1 Hub

The Hub 2 is a bit unique compared to other hubs from other brands. Instead of a simple black or white square or rounded box that you just want to hide somewhere, SwitchBot added extra functionality to the Hub 2.
One of the biggest and most prominent features is an LED screen. The display will show the current temperature and humidity levels from the built-in temperature and humidity sensors. The LED screen can also change brightness automatically, as a built-in light sensor is also available. It’s a nice feature to have, so you are not blinded by the screen at night.

“The Hub 2 might be a hub you actually don’t want to hide.”

The Hub 2 also features two scene buttons on the front. You can program the buttons in the SwitchBot app, allowing you to control up to two scenes or two individual devices. The IR functionality has improved with a much more extensive range than the Hub Mini.

Features in a nutshell

    • Wi-Fi Hub with Matter support
    • Mesh Bluetooth support
    • LED screen
    • Temperature and Humidity sensors
    • Two programable scene buttons
    • IR control function

You can see the Matter support demo from CES here:

Pricing was not yet made available. The article will be updated once the official pricing is announced.

You can check out SwitchBot by clicking here. (Affiliate link)


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